Giò Schiavinato


Milano, oggi.
      … certo che fino a ieri la Lega ce l’aveva coi “terroni”
      …devo avermi perso qualche puntata…
       o forse il progetto di Cipria comincia a delinearsi: 
      Sostegno a Matteo Renzi finchè ubbidisce, poi ,
      ha già pronto il Matteo di scorta.
      Che dite?



Tomba del soldato Peter Pan, sacrario del Monte Grappa (Private Peter Pan’s Grave, Mount Grappa War Cemetery), Veneto, Italy

Do you probably believe that Peter Pan still flies over his Neverland with his Lost Boys, fighting against the malicious Captain Hook? Wrong! The poor Peter died at the age of 21; he was born on August, 21 1897 in Ruszkabanya-Krassòszoreny, Hungary, at that time belonging to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and died on September 19 1918, during an attack against Italian trenches on Monte Grappa in the First World War.

If you search for his village on maps, you can’t find it, just as Neverland: in fact, now it belongs to Romania  and changed its name in Rusca Montană.

Peter Pan is buried in the # 107 grave of the ossuary.

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